Monday, July 4, 2011

Some stuff

Here are some things that I found interesting or funny about my time in Jodhpur:
Mangos: Its mango season in Jodhpur, and I could not be happier. They are ridiculously cheap, 1 kg usually goes for about 50 rupees, that is 3 mangos for $1! They are so freaking delicious! There is also this type of mango that is small and green, and they way you eat this mango is by squeezing it slowly until the flesh is all pulpy. Then you make a hole at the bottom and suck all the pulp and juice out! Once all of it is gone, you take out the pit and finish it off. Its always funny seeing little toddlers holding their little green mangos.
No Plastic Bags in India! Yeah, the US should be ashamed. Trash is usually thrown out on the street, cows eat parts of it and the rest is burned. Because plastic bags are bad for cow, they have become illegal. Instead they use bags made of old saris. They are really pretty and they make shopping a lot more exciting. Instead, sari bags are used, made out of old saris. They make shopping exciting.
So many cows-as expected. And they really are everywhere. Big ones, little ones, brown ones, white ones, black and white ones. Burning cow poop is considered good and a way to ward off bad things. About once every two weeks, they take some dried dung from the street and burn it. Its actually quiet great, and its fun to talk to people at the guest house about traditions and customs like this.
Temples: Visiting Temples are really fun. I have had a lot of fun going to Temple either by myself or with family members. People are very nice, and they always insist that you get involved. It’s very relaxing to sit there and listen to the women and men singing and clapping. The women sit in the front and lead the singing and the men sit in the back. And usually when you visit temple you get a little sweet treat-this also might be the reason I go. This is the Ganesh Temple

Toast: There are a lot of different kinds of street food in Jodhpur, the most common probably being Pani Purri. But there is one that I honestly don’t get…Toast. There are piles and piles of toast just stacked, and people love to get them. I have not tried them, so I can’t say how they taste.

Shopkeeper books: all shopkeepers have a customer book, where their customers have filled in reviews. They are actually fun to read, and without fail every shopkeeper will pull theirs out to show you! Even some rickshaw drivers have them.
Water drinking method: Whenever people use water bottles here, they just use the “waterfall” method, not touching their lips to the bottle. And without doubt, most places have a water tank or water fountain with an attached tin cup that everyone uses through the “waterfall” method. Its really hard, and I always spill water on myself, but I eventually got the hang of it.

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